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Scientific Programs at Nordita

A Nordita Scientific program is an extended workshop where a limited number of scientists work together on specific topics for a period of up to 4 weeks. Program topics can range beyond the traditional borders of theoretical physics and scientists in related areas of the natural sciences are encouraged to submit proposals.

Up to 25 participants can be accommodated at any given time. This typically includes a core of 8-12 internationally recognized leaders in the subject area of the program, 5-8 invited Nordic scientists, and a limited number of other applicants including accompanying postdoctoral fellows and PhD students.

Scientific programs can include focus events (conferences, workshops or schools) with a higher number of participants for shorter periods.

Members of the international scientific community are invited to propose future programs with an annual deadline in December for submitting proposals (see the submission guidelines for details). The Nordita Board decides which scientific programs will be run in a given period following a review of all program proposals by an external expert committee.

Propose Programs

There is a procedure for proposing a program. See the submission guidelines for more information.

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