Cookie Policy

Cookies on This Website

We use one cookie on our web site. It is called "Nordita_Session", and expires (is removed from your browser) when you close the browser.

The cookie is used to simplify the storage of so-called web session data, which in turn is used to make your browsing experience on our site more efficient. No personal information is stored in the cookie or session data.

We also make use of Google Analytics to analyze traffic to our web site. This service may set additional cookies with names starting with "_utm".

Deactivating Cookies

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can deactivate cookies in the preferences of your web browser. (Exactly how this is done varies between browsers, and is usually described in the help section of the browser. Start by looking for the "Privacy" options in the preference section of your browser.)

If you deactivate cookies in your browser, the session information will be stored in a different manner. Without cookies, everything on the Nordita site should work essentially as it would with cookies (some pages may just take a little longer to reload).