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Online Workshop on Quantum Matter

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) and Nordita are holding an online joint workshop on Quantum Matter to explore recent developments and new connections between condensed matter and high energy physics.

Quantum materials hold a promise as an important class to expand the class of materials for sensors used in a search for Dark matter. We will have lectures dedicated to the impact QM might have on a search for DM.

While the workshop will focus on theoretical aspects we will seek connections with the experiments on new probes of matter, most prominently, MAX iV and ESS, that are capable of revealing a new and exciting behavior of quantum matter at the short time scale with high spatial resolution.

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including entangled and competing orders, dynamic and hidden orders, AdS/CFT and condensed matter connections, strange metals, and machine learning and quantum matter.

Two New Research Groups at Nordita Funded by Strategic Research Grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

Left to right: Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Thors Hans Hansson, Frank Wilczek, John Wettlaufer, Niels Obers, Anders Karlhede and Jan Conrad.

The program, announced at the end of 2019, has been described as "Computation for physics, physics for computation", and will allow Nordita to set up two internationally competitive research groups in the broader fields of Quantum Information, and Complex Dynamical Networks. The application was spearheaded by the collective efforts of Frank Wilczek, John Wettlaufer, Anders Karlhede and Hans Hansson, and strongly supported by the Stockholm University leadership.

The six year grant, dubbed "WINQ" (Wallenberg Initiative for Networks and Quanta), is for 95 MSEK, with a possibility to be prolonged another 4 years with 80 MSEK, totalling 175 MSEK. It will strengthen the strategic contributions already made by the Foundation in the fields of artificial intelligence (WASP) and quantum technology (WAQCT).

Read more in the press release of Stockholm University.

Coronavirus information

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nordita employees (researchers and administrative staff) are currently working as much as possible from home. This policy is in effect until at least May 10 and will be updated accordingly depending on how the situation develops. All individual visits to Nordita have been cancelled until at least middle of May. All scientific programs and conferences up to and including June are cancelled or postponed, and we are currently considering the status of the scientific events beyond that time.

Meanwhile, we have started numerous seminar and lecture series via zoom-links. Announcements for these can be found via the AlbaNova Indico System.

The Organic Materials Database

The OMDB is an open access electronic structure database for 3-dimensional organic crystals, developed and hosted at Nordita.

Read more about the OMDB

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