Nordita's Mission

The in-house research forms the backbone of Nordita activities and complements the more service oriented functions, like the scientific events we organize throughout the year.

Basic Research in Theoretical Physics?

Research carried out by Nordita academic staff, who are engaged in theoretical and numerical work on many fronts including astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter and materials physics, cosmology and gravitational theory, statistical physics and complex systems, and high-energy physics. The in-house research forms the backbone of Nordita activities and complements the more service-oriented functions.

Nordita can Act as a Host Institute

When this is required by a funding agency, Nordita can act as a host institute for research grants. For a limited number of applications, Nordita can co-sponsor grants when the grant from a funding agency only covers part of the costs of a research project. Current grants that Nordita might co-sponsor are listed on this page. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the director of Nordita.

Hosting Agreement with Nordita

Before any grant application which lists Nordita as the host institute can be submitted, a hosting agreement must be in place, listing the resources and facilities to be set aside by Nordita to run the research project if the grant application is successful. If you are interested in applying for a grant with Nordita as your host institute, please send the following documents (as attachments to an e-mail) to the director of Nordita.

  • Your CV
  • A short description of the project you want to finance with the grant (no more than one printed page)

You should contact Nordita as early as possible before the grant deadline, and no later than the date mentioned in the grant descriptions on this page (typically one month before the grant deadline).