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The Nordita Logotype

The core of the Nordita logotype is a five-pointed star, representing the five Nordic countries.

The logotype was adopted for Nordita in 2007, as part of the efforts to rebuild Nordita in Stockholm after the move from Copenhagen.

The five colours in the star are taken directly from the Nordic flags. See the specification of the typeface and colours in the logotype.

The institute name "NORDITA" (in capitals) can be added to the star in three different ways to give a complete logotype. See the specification of the typeface and the download page for details.


Logotype with horizontal text to the right of the star, without or with explanatory subtext:

Logotype with horizontal text below the star:

Logotype with vertical text below the star:

There are also downloadable files with the logotype in different formats and in grayscale.

The Old Nordita Logotype

This image never was the official logotype of Nordita, but was used extensively in many connections by Norditians in Copenhagen:

Downloadable versions:

A less used alternative version of this image:

Downloadable versions:


The logotypes are copyrighted by Nordita. They may not be used outside Nordita without permission.

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