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Long-term visitors and participants in Nordita Scientific Programs are encouraged to register papers connected with their stay as Nordita preprints. A joint Nordita affiliation may also be appropriate if a substantial part of the work was carried out at Nordita. Registered participants in Nordita Scientific Programs are entitled to use the Nordita affiliation on papers completed within six months from the end of the program. For papers completed after more than six months the Director of Nordita should be contacted before using a Nordita affiliation.

How To Submit Your Publications

  • Write a mail to Hans at to request a Nordita preprint number. The mail should contain both the author(s) and the title of the paper. If you already have an arXiv number, also include it in the mail. The Nordita preprint number has the format "NORDITA <year>-<number>".
  • Insert the Nordita preprint number in the beginning of your paper, and also state it when you upload the paper to the arXiv.
  • Once you have a link to the paper anywhere online (like on the arXiv, in a journal, or in the Swedish Diva preprint collection), please send that external link to Hans at The preprint can then be confirmed and will be listed in the Nordita Preprint Archive Page

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