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Long-term visitors and participants in Nordita Scientific Programs are encouraged to register papers connected with their stay as Nordita preprints. A joint Nordita affiliation may also be appropriate if a substantial part of the work was carried out at Nordita. Registered participants in Nordita Scientific Programs are entitled to use the Nordita affiliation on papers completed within six months from the end of the program. For papers completed after more than six months the Director of Nordita should be contacted before using a Nordita affiliation.

How To Submit Your Publications

  1. Check that your Nordita affiliation text complies with the recommendations.
  2. Request a Preprint Number for your Publication
    • Go to the Nordita Preprint Archive Page
    • Click on the login icon in the top right corner of the page, and authenticate yourself with your SU or KTH username and password. If you do not have a SU or KTH username, please contact for assistance with registering your preprint.
    • After authentication, click on the button [register new preprint]. Fill the form and submit the request. (See below for notes on the 'Location' field in the form.)
    • Your preprint is now pre-registered in the system and someone from our staff will check it first and then accept it into the archive. The preprint might be accepted only when all required information is provided. Once accepted, your paper will be publicly available in the Nordita Preprint Archive at
  3. Complete the Information for your Publication
    • You should complete the information about your preprint within a week. The system will remind you if the information is not provided in the due time.

Notes on the 'Location' field

  • If you are submitting your preprint to the Los Alamos Archive, get the link details to the abstract page (e.g. and then type these in to the Los Alamos location field.
  • Otherwise, supply the full pathname to a gzipped PostScript file of your preprint (e.g. /home/your login name/ in the "Upload to Nordita Local" field.

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