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Juri Poutanen

Professor, Nordita Corresponding Fellow
Field of research:
University of Turku
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AlbaNova Univ. Center
Juri Poutanen
Hannes Alfvéns väg 12
SE-106 91 Stockholm


Juri Poutanen got his PhD from the University of Helsinki in 1994. After that he was a postdoc at Stockholm Observatory for two years, and assistant professor at Uppsala University and then at Stockholm University. In 2001, he moved to the full professor position at the University of Oulu in Northern Finland. He was elected member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters in 2009. From 2014, he is professor at University of Turku and director of Tuorla observatory.

Juri Poutanen works on various aspects of high-energy astrophysics. His research interests include gamma-ray bursts and accreting compact objects such as black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs. His main expertise is radiative processes in relativistic plasmas that shape the spectra and are responsible for the emission from these objects. His most influential papers concern detailed study of Compton scattering including polarization properties that are again in the focus of many proposed space X-ray polarimetry missions. Other important results concern super-Eddington accretion disks around black holes which are relevant for ultra-luminous X-ray sources, emission mechanisms of relativistic jets in active galaxies and gamma-ray bursts, understanding broad-band emission of accreting black holes, and determination of neutron star parameters from the pulse profiles of accreting millisecond pulsars. Recently he concentrated on studying accretion onto strongly magnetized neutron stars and understanding the nature of ultra-luminous X-ray pulsars. He is also actively involved in development of atmosphere models for hot neutron stars and their usage to determine neutron star parameters in order to constrain the equation of state of cold dense matter.

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