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Nordita has a long record of organizing schools, primarily for master's and graduate students from the Nordic and Baltic countries, but application is open to everybody. Nordita regularly organizes Master Classes and Winter Schools, but also other schools.

Nordita Master Classes

Nordita Master Classes are organized bi-annually in the beginning of August, often in other venues than at Nordita in Stockholm. These one-week schools are intended for undergraduate students who are about to select a topic for their master's thesis. Lecture series by top scientists aim at introducing frontier areas of physics, and also to stimulate further studies. They give a unique opportunity for students to learn the newest most exciting developments in theoretical physics and to work together with other Nordic/Baltic students.

Nordita Winter Schools

Every year in mid-January Nordita hosts a school for graduate students and postdocs, usually at Nordita in Stockholm. The theme of the schools alternate between the main research areas represented at Nordita: astrophysics, hard and soft condensed matter physics and high-energy physics. Local and invited lecturers give short courses on a range of topics during these two-week schools.

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