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Particle Growth in Turbulence [postponed]


18 May — 12 June 2020

Coordinators: Axel Brandenburg, Bernhard Mehlig, Gunilla Svensson

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Future Events


Quantum Connections in Sweden 8: Physics Summer School on Quantum Frontiers


8—20 June 2020

Coordinators: Egor Babaev, Emil Bergholtz, Betsy Devine, Qing-Dong Jiang, Wei Ku, Antti Niemi, Pouya Peighami, Boris Svistunov, Frank Wilczek, Biao Wu, Elizabeth Yang

Quantum Connections in Sweden 9: The Workshop


22—26 June 2020

Coordinators: Antti Niemi, Frank Wilczek

New Directions in Superconductivity and Magnetism


29 June — 24 July 2020

Coordinators: Egor Babaev, Johan Carlström, Naoto Nagaosa, Asle Sudbø

APCTP-Nordita workshop on Quantum Matter


17—22 August 2020

Coordinators: Alexander Balatsky, Yunkyu Bang, Matthias Eschrig, Jason Hancock, Alexander Krikun, Sang-Jin Sin

Are there Universal Laws in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics?


24 August — 18 September 2020

Coordinators: Bart Cleuren, Astrid de Wijn, Ralf Eichhorn, Supriya Krishnamurti

Equilibrium statistical physics provides an extremely powerful, universal formalism that tells us how many-particle systems in thermal equilibrium behave, and how we can characterize their properties by only a few macroscopic quantities. However, most systems and processes found in nature are out of equilibrium. Think of any living organism, or directed transport in cells mediated by molecular motors. Often these systems consist of only a few entities and are so small that thermal fluctuations play a prominent role. It has been a vision from the early days of statistical mechanics to develop a theoretical description for such small non-equilibrium systems that is comparably powerful and universal as is equilibrium statistical physics. The aim of this program is to bring together the leading experts in (non-equilibrium) statistical physics to critically discuss and evaluate the latest developments towards a universal theory for non-equilibrium systems.

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5 May 2020

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