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Why Support Theoretical Physics?

How does the world around us work, ranging from the cosmos to the microcosmos? Theoretical physics brings together and gives meaning to a multitude of observations and experimental data, thereby providing a coherent picture of the physical world.

Ideas coming from theoretical physics have led to breakthroughs in technological innovation that have changed our everyday lives, even though the path from theoretical discovery to practical application may take a long time and often takes many unexpected turns.

Why Support Nordita?

Nordita has a long and distinguished record as a Nordic centre of research excellence whose importance is recognized at the European and world levels. Research at Nordita is currently supported by a combination of funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Swedish Research Council, the host universities in Stockholm, and via Nordic and European research grants obtained by our faculty members. We are, however, very interested in identifying promising new fields of research to expand our scientific activities, and we are looking for ways to finance that effort.

Through our local research and visitors programs, and the large number of scientific programs, conferences, workshops, and schools we arrange every year, we bring together leading international and Nordic scientists, for mutual exchange of ideas and promotion of new contacts and collaborations.

Targeted Support

You may give an unrestricted gift to support the work of Nordita, or make a targeted donation:

  • Financed Academic Position

    The position would be in an area of research of mutual interest to Nordita and the donor. This can be in the form of a one-year visiting professorship, a four- or five-year assistant professorship, a two-year postdoctoral fellowship, or support for a PhD student.

  • Sponsorship of Scientific Events

    Nordita organizes a broad range of scientific events. Targeted sponsorship may allow us to arrange a workshop with specially invited guests, that might otherwise not have been funded.

  • Unrestricted Gift

    Gifts will go to the Nordita Endowment, a managed fund which will support future Nordita activities and appointments.

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