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The Nordita letterhead looks like this:

The letterhead can be downloaded as a stand-alone file:

The letterhead mounted in a plain A4 page, ready for printing (we don't provide any printed letter paper, you need to print your own):

There are also a number of templates for letters in LaTex, PDF and Word formats that will enable you to create letters directly on your computer:

Template: LaTeX letterhead

The LaTeX Letterhead file package contains an include file "letterhead.tex" which in turn will specify the letter format and include the letterhead in one of the formats PDF, EPS or LaTex, depending on your configuration. Use a copy of the file "_sample_letter.tex" to create your letter. It has a configuration section and a section for the letter text. There are also some PDF files of the sample letter that show what the letter will look like.

The LaTeX Letterhead file package consists of the following files:

as well as a number of sample letters using the various options:

You may alternatively want to download and unzip the entire letterhead file package from one of the following links:

Template: PDF Fill-in Form

The file may be edited using Adobe Reader or a similar forms-capable PDF program. Adobe Reader for Linux, MacOS or Windows can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site

Template: Microsoft Word Template

These are MS Word templates, so first download the files and then place them in the Template directory of the MS Office installation on your computer or other place where you keep templates.

One of the templates gives documents where the letterhead will only be shown on the first page of a multi-page document:

and one where the letterhead will be repeated on every page in the document:

Blank Page With Logo

Sometimes a page with just the Nordita logotype (rather than the full letterhead) can be useful.

Template: Microsoft Word Template


You can pick up envelopes with the Nordita logo next to the printer in the Nordita Main Building. These envelopes also have pre-paid postage.

Business Cards

Business cards with the Nordita logotype and address can be ordered from the KTH printshop US-AB. Please contact Hans Mühlen for details.

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